Complaint Letter

Topics: Security, Abuse, English-language films Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 13, 2013
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April 11, 2013

The Manager
Isetan Lot10

Dear Sir,

I am very disappointed with your staff management for having used rude and abusive handling method.

The first day of my job in Isetan as a part-time sales promoter, I was not inform by anyone of any Isetan’s rules and regulations nor was it listed and paste somewhere for me to look at. I was appalled by a recent encounter when one of your securities approaches me with a stern and bossy attitude commanding me to go back to my own counter with his fingers pointing at me. Days later, I approached him to confirm if I’m allowed to go to the next counter and he replied, no. So I told him if this is so, please write the bills for the next counter’s customer so I would not break your Isetan’s rules. Immediately, he raised his voice at me and accused me of scolding him and insisted that I go see his senior. I was told that by meeting his senior I would be able to clarify myself by writing a report about what happened and get justice out of it. So I went down with him to meet with his senior hoping that I will get my justice. As I enter the office, I was surrounded by all the security department’s staffs. Before I could say anything I was mortified. They were using such abusive attitudes on me, yelling at me and claiming that is how they do things in their Isetan’s security department. When I stood firm and brought up the issue of how rude and bossy attitude that their security has, they claimed that this is how Sabahan is. I told them further, that I was not inform by anyone about your Isetan’s rules and regulations and it is not fair for me when you all raise your voice at me as if I deserved it. Their only reply was it is my own fault for not knowing any of the rules so I defended myself asking if they have paste any list of rules and regulations to notify the new staffs like me or by sending anyone to notify us? And they answered with such certainty that it is useless to do this...
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