Complaint Handling

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1. What causes people to complain? Why they don't complain? Why do complaints occur?

Complaints occur due to: -
← Delay
← Bad product
← Bad service
← Wrong/Incomplete Information
← A promise that is not kept

2. Why complaints need to be handled?

← Increase brand loyalty
← Improve on quality
← To gain an edge over the competitor
← To retain customers
← To stop unsatisfied customer from spreading bad word of mouth ← To strengthen the buyer-seller relationship

3. Research: -
Research study says that most of the organizations do not hear from 96% of dissatisfied customers. ← They switch over to the competitors
← In each compliant received, there will be another 26 customers with problems and out of these 6 will be more serious. ← Sometimes you do not hear from the customer because he does not know as to where to call or how to complain. ← If complaints are dealt with satisfactorily, the customers are more likely to come back.

Procedure to Handle Complaints: -

← Let the customer speak.
← Listen to him actively.
← Demonstrate awareness by asking questions or by using unintelligent sounds. ← Take out the facts by probing gently.
← Keep a record of the complaint.
← Confirm and check by summarizing the complaint.
← Either solve it yourself or escalate it.
← Give feedback to the customer.
← Apologize when required.

The LIST Principle:-

L – Listen to the customer.
I – Isolate the core of the problem.
S – Solve the Complaint/problem.
T – Take a feedback.

The Do's Of Complaint Handling:-

← Concentrate on the problem and not on the personalities. ← Give alternatives and ask of the preferred one.
← Put emphasis on what you can do.
← Summarize the actions.
← Personalize the call.
← Smile.

The Don'ts of Complaint Handling: -

← Try to score points over the customer.
← Add personal discrimination or prejudice.
← Express any views regarding actions of the company or employees. ←...
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