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May 14, 2012

Traffic Management Office
City of Mandaluyong

To whom it may concern:

Good day!

I would like to ask some questions regarding the parking system here in our beloved city, especially here in Bgy. Hulo where I live ever since.

Please take time to read it since it is part of your job. Although I know that there is only a 50% chance that you will read this letter since you already saw that it is long, please take time to read it still. And do your best (whoever you are reading this) for these concerns to reach the mayor or whoever higher official there is that has authority to provide solutions in our problems.

In R.A. 4136, Chapter IV, Article IV, Section 46, it lists down specified places wherein parking is prohibited.

Section 46. Parking prohibited in specified places. - No driver shall park a vehicle, or permit it to stand, whether attended or unattended, upon a highway in any of the following places: (a) Within an intersection

(b) On a crosswalk
(c) Within six meters of the intersection of curb lines.
(d) Within four meters of the driveway entrance to and fire station. (e) Within four meters of fire hydrant
(f) In front of a private driveway
(g) On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the highway (h) At any place where official signs have been erected prohibiting parking.

Taken from:

In letter F, it states no parking in front of a private driveway. However, I assume that it doesn’t mean ‘no parking’ DIRECTLY in front of the driveway or in front of your gate because it’s simple common sense. How can the car get out if your car is directly in front of the gate blocking the driveway?

Moreover, I assume that what it meant is that you should not park in front of a private driveway WITHIN a specific distance. For example, you cannot park in front of a private driveway within 5 meters. However, it is not stated in the article the allowable distance you can park in front of a private driveway. Can you clarify this matter?

In my case, there is always a vehicle parked in front of our gate that makes it hard for us to park or take out our vehicle. Our garage is quite small and it’s really hard to park and quite impossible to take it out with a vehicle in front of our driveway. A rough 3.5M is the space between our gate and the parked car in front of our driveway. Although sometimes we ask our neighbor to move their vehicle away for a while if we know them.

Another problem I encounter here in our street, that is San Jose St. in front of Hulo Elementary School, is when two cars are approaching each other and one has to step aside or move all the way out to Pantaleon St. because there is no enough space to park first to let the other car pass. Our street actually has a dead-end so most likely you’ll be leaving the same way you entered our street. Of course our street is two way and can accommodate a two lane traffic. Obviously the other lane is used for parking so only one lane is used for the moving cars. I hope your good office can erect some permanent no parking spaces along our street so that there will be spaces for cars to stop first in case of head-on collisions. Same problem I encounter is in Private Road, and for me their case is worse since they are more crowded because of the talipapa they have.

Actually, during the time of Bgy. Chairwoman Flor de Leon, she made this law/ordinance/whatever which states that cars are only allowed to park on one side of the street and would shift to the other side every two weeks. I think this is good in a way so that you won’t always have vehicles parked in front of your house, just every two weeks. The problem is, it doesn’t give a permanent solution for my complaints mentioned above.

Second is according to letter C, there should be no parking within six meters of intersection of curb lines. The problem here is, I...
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