Competitors on Madonna

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I bet all you already know these music artists, so who can tell me who they are???

As you can see Madonna’s strategy is based on differentiation, she is more than just a singer, she is an image. Her product is better than her competitors. It stands out above the rest as superior. This strategy of differentiation is pursued by courting controversy but staying marketable enough thus giving her that edge over her competitors.

Each one of these current Pop singers has attained their heights of glory in their own individualistic ways. While Madonna ruled the roost for several years in the pop music industry, without a match against her performance and capabilities, yet with the appearance of her major competitor, Lady Gaga on the musical stage, it appeared that Madonna had a fierce challenge ahead of herself in order to get that edge over Gaga. It is a fact that Lady Gaga as an amateur is one of the top strong singers within the musical industry.

During the time, when Madonna made an entry into the music industry, it was not the time for fashion and conventional views. Yet Madonna left a massive impact on not only the industry, but also on the audience. On the other hand, Lady Gaga also impacted the music industry with fashion and her individual share of arguments, yet Madonna certainly emerged as the leader with her impressive influence that she managed to create. Although Madonna has not been considered to be the finest singer, still her career as a musical artist makes her one of the best.

Although she believes in using her current strategy that is being able to appeal to a wide audience she can cleverly gain a larger market share and be more favourable than her rivals. Madonna also recently used the 2012 Super Bowl to remind everyone that the game is hers and that she is still the best pop star we've got, and any young pretender, no matter how ambitious /creative / deranged, they are going to have to work a whole lot harder for a whole...
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