Competitor Analysis

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Competitor analysis

COMpany name| TV BED LTD| BedKingdom LTD| JWS Enterprises| Uniqueness| Design: * Fully handcrafted * First ever made tv bed with projector and surround speakers * Automatic control of bed temperature| Design:Fully handcrafted with expensive materials for production- Integrated T.v| Design:More design is being provided. (Classical or fancy design)- Integrated T.V| Target MArket| Types of person:Youngster amd old age group.| Type of person:Old age| Types of person:Old age and youngster| Limitations| Price: * Very expensive * Around 5000 USD * Comes with latest Samsung projector| Price: * Expensive * Around 3000 usd| Price: * Affordable * Around 2500 usd| | Availability:-WorldwideMostly European countries| Availability: * United kingdom * | Availability-not worldwide|

Technology| -Samsung A600 1080p Full HD Home Cinema Projector- Mattress with integrated temperature sensor that can adjust the mattress temperature automatically or manually with remote control- Samsung Smart Bluray Home Theater System HT-E6750W| * TV Plasma integrated * DVD player | - TV plasma and DVD player| TABLE 1

Evaluation of competitor analysis


As we can see from the above analysis, Cinema bed is considered as being the most luxurius and advance bed ever made with fully integrated home theatre. This bed brings along more convenient in terms of space in the room. Moreover it brings about more fun by enhancing the ways you watch movies. IT also enahnce the lifestyle of people with integrated temperaure control whereby you can make your bed cooler or hotter.


As we can see, the cinema bed is a disadvantage here in terms of price since it is expensive but it should be noted that it has some additional and most advance features so it’s obvious that it will be more expensive than others. In terms of colours, only one color will be available, that is the frame will be white whereas...
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