Competitiveness: Is It Negative or Positive?

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“If you are successful, you will win true enemies and false friends.” True.

Nowadays, people grow more competitive. And at some point, some cannot control their competitiveness anymore and this is what ruins their systems. Being viable isn’t a bad thing, it only causes negative effects when it is too much.

Being successful isn’t only by chance. It is the fruit of hard work, patience and competitiveness. Some even say you will not last if you don’t know how to fight. Again, true. Because in this world, only those who are strong enough will last. Considerable, right? Yet, what makes it irrational sometimes is the mere fact that some people tend to be an enemy and step on other people to be held strong and to succeed.

My dear friends, the only way to real success is to be the best person and undertake all the actions we need to do the best way we can. In short, we only need to trust ourselves and do things the best way we can. You need not to step on other people’s lives or dreams to achieve yours. Try to place yourself in them. What would you feel when someone try to step on you or aggravate your distresses in trying to achieve your goals?

Goals, dreams, aspirations and success are there for you to reach on your own. Others might help and some might not. But the best person to help you get there is your self. You don’t need to step into others or ruin them. Struggles would sometimes knock you down and you just have to stand.

And for those who made it to the top through the right way, true enemies and false friends will always be around you. They will always be trying to pull you down and turn off the lights of your success but do not let them win over you. Never let them enter into your system. Focus on your continuous success.

- Nicole Erika

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