Competitive Strength Assessment

Topics: Competition, Competitor analysis, Ecological model of competition Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Competitive Strength Assessment

Competitive Strength Assessment

On the basis of outcome of strength and weakness analysis, each faculty is recommended to use the table provided below to identify Key Success Factors (KSFs), assess their relative performance in relation to those of its identified rival(s), determine whether they are superior to or need to be improved, prioritize the KSFs according to their degree of importance and weakness, craft out the necessary strategies and measures to improve the KSFs, and request the necessary resources.

Following are the step-by-step procedures of “Weighted Competitive Strength Assessment” table:

|Step 1 |Identify key success factors that would enable the faculty to excel and eventually outperform the competitors for instances: | | |Ability to use proper English in their teaching as well as communication. Grammatical and common mistakes should not appear in their | | |oral presentations, and/or examination questions, | | |Be effective facilitators – being able to use effective pedagogy and are well versed in the areas of their concentration, | | |Be research oriented, | | |Highly committed to the tasks at hand, i.e. class preparation, teaching, grading assignments and answer scripts, giving advice, | | |fulfilling office hours | |Step 2 |Furthermore, since the degree of importance of each of the key success factors might vary upon the nature of the discipline and its | | |magnitude of contribution to the faculty’s goal(s) attainment, each factor’s “weight”...
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