Competitive Strategies for Market Leaders

Topics: Wi-Fi, Internet service provider, Broadband Internet access Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Wireless Internet Service Providers
Market Leader
Wateen is the market leader in the Wireless internet service providers industry. Introduced about 5 years back it has maintained its position as the Market leader since then. Its strategy for defending its position as the market leader has been Position Defense. Wateen has defended its position by creating superior brand power. Its market coverage is broader than all of its competitors along with better quality than its competitors. Through such competencies Wateen has become the premium Wireless internet service provider. Challenger

Wateen’s main competitor is Worldcall Wireless. Worldcall has adopted the Frontal Attack strategy to challenge the market leader. It has been trying to, and to some extent successfully has, match Wateen in its product, price, advertising and distribution but it lacks in resources as compared to the market leaders Wateen that’s why they are still lagging behind in the competition. Follower

Evo is the follower in the industry. It can be described as the Imitator in the industry, copying some things from the market leader such as the packages it offers etc. but maintaining some differences from the leaders such as its advertising, pricing and location. Nicher

Wi-Tribe is the Nicher in the industry targeting only metropolitan cities such as Lahore and Karachi. Its Niche is the Youth of these huge urban areas who are young, enthusiastic, fun loving and look for high speed access to the internet. It offers features and offers that are intended to fulfill the requirements of its small target market.
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