Competitive Sport

Topics: Olympic Games, Gold medal, Want Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 28, 2015
1 Competitive Sport
2 Olympic Legacy
1) Summary of Competitive sport for children at the heart of Olympic legacy: Competitive sport for children at the heart of Olympic legacy is about the Governor David Cameron, who holds a speech about a new school where the goal is to get children to play to do more sporty activities. Inside and outside of the school. The school is very inspired, by the Olympics. In addition, they wish to make all the pupils participate in the club activities, and make it obligatory. Because of the British success at the Olympics, they believe that the children are going to be more inspired to do more sports activities, so they one day can become true Olympics themselves. By making it obligatory, the children will not only become more energetic and get a healthier lifestyle, but they will all have a chance to participate at the Olympics someday.

2) Give an outline of the various attitudes towards Competitive Sport in the 3 texts: In the first text, the Governor is holds a speech about how wonderful he thinks the idea of competitive sport in schools. It will not only make the kids healthier, but also make them outstanding athletes as well. In the second text, there is an interview with Sir Steve Redgrave. He had won five Olympic gold medals, in his 16 years as an Olympian. He is giving his point of view on competitive sport in schools. He thinks it is a great idea to have people doing more activities that are physical during their school time, but he also thinks that it is not only the winners who need to be rewarded, the less athletic people who participate should be equally rewarded, because they all did their best, in their own way. The third text is an article written by Matthew Green, he explains that he does not agree with his friend “Mr. Cameron” (the governor) about making competitive sport obligatory, in the school system. He believes that only the good athletes is going to be rewarded, while the less athletic participants will...
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