Competitive Analysis on Real Estate in Dubai

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Real estate Pages: 15 (4667 words) Published: August 21, 2011
dubaiRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN COMPETITIVE PRIORITIES AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AMONG REAL ESTATE FIRMS IN DUBAI Anwar Salem Omair Musaibah Mustafa Zakaria Mohd Khairuddin Hashim College of Business Universiti Utara Malaysia The importance of competitive priorities and competitive advantage has been emphasized in the strategic management literature. Furthermore, the literature review suggests relationships exist between competitive priorities and competitive advantage in business organizations. However, the review of past studies indicate that limited research attempts have been made to investigate the relationships between competitive priorities and competitive advantage among business organizations, particularly among real estate firms. This study attempted to address this research issue by examining competitive priorities and competitive advantage among real estate firms in Dubai. The data for the study was collected by using structured questionnaire mailed to 30 managers who worked in six real estate firms in Dubai. The results of the analyses of the data collected in study indicated that the firms in the study emphasized on competitive priorities that include flexibility, cost, quality and delivery. In addition, the results of the study show that quality, cost and delivery are positively related to competitive advantage. INTRODUCTION The strategic management literature emphasizes on the need for business organizations to develop their competitive advantage in order to sustain their performance as well as competitiveness. In addition, the literature highlights the importance of developing competitive advantage through competitive priorities. Findings of previous studies have indicated firms that focused on developing their competitive advantage through competitive priorities tend to not only perform better than their competitors but they also are able to adapt to the changing conditions in the business environment (Askar and Mortagy, 2007; Chi, Kilduff & Gargeya, 2009). The linkage between competitive priorities, competitive advantage and organizational performance has attracted not only much thought and attention, but also growing research emphasis. Nevertheless, the review of previous research on competitive advantage reveals that past studies have largely concentrated on examining firms operating in certain industries such as manufacturing and retailing. The review of the literature on real estate however indicates competitive advantage among real estate firms have not received much research attention. Furthermore, the literature suggests prior studies in the area of real estate firms lacked strategic focus and scope in their investigations (Green, 1988; Roulac, 1995; O‟ Mara, 1999; Manning and Roulac; 1999; Roulac, 2001; Gibler, Black and Moon, 2002; and Newell, Worzala, McAllister, Schulte, 2004; Askar and Mortagy, 2007).


Real estate development firms play an important role in the development of the national economies of both developing and developed countries. Despite the importance of real estate firms in Dubai, the review of the business literature indicates that research on these firms has attracted limited research attention and seems to be neglected as well. Despite the increased knowledge in strategic management and the importance of real estate firms, little is known about the competitive advantage of the local real estate firms. The lack of information and knowledge on competitive advantage adopted by real estate firms in the local context suggests the need for more empirical studies to be conducted in this area. In view of the importance of real estate development firms in the Dubai economy and the lack of understanding concerning their competitive advantage, more focused research needs to be undertaken. In an attempt to narrow the research gap, the present study attempted to investigate the relationships between competitive priorities and competitive advantage among real estate...
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