Competitive Analysis of Face Wash and Fairness Products Company‘S Name: Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan

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Summer Internship Project
Competitive Analysis Of Face Wash And Fairness Products
Company‘s Name: Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan

Submited By
Dimple Jethwani
MBA Marketing

Under The Guidance Of
Prof. Rahul Gupta
Marketing Head, Kengeri Campus


I, Dimple Jethwani, hereby declare that the project report titled “Comparative Analysis of face wash and Fairness products submitted as the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the achievement of the Master of Business Administration (Marketing), is my original project work and has been carried out under the guidance of Mr. Rahul Gupta (Professor), Christ University Institute of Management and company guide Mr. Deepak Soni, National Sales Manager – at Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan. I also declare that this project has not been submitted nor shall it be submitted in future to any other University or Institution for the award of any other Degree or diploma.

Place: Dimple Jethwani Date: 1120359 CUIM, Kengeri Campus


This is to certify that this internship report on the title “Comparative Analysis of Face wash and Fairness cream products” is a bona fide work of Ms Dimple Jethwani under my guidance and support .This report is a part of MBA course with specialization in Marketing stream and the content and the work done is genuine with respect to the information covered and thought expressed.

Prof. Rahul Gupta| Dr Jeevanada S.|
Faculty Mentor| Campus Coordinator|
Christ UniversityInstitute of Management| Christ UniversityInstitute of Management| | |

Place: Date:

I take this opportunity to express heartiest thanks to my Company mentor Mr. Deepak Soni, National Sales Manager, for guiding me throughout my internship in the company and for their trust in me.

I extend my sincere thanks to my College mentor Professor Rahul Gupta for his continuous support and expert guidance in pursuing my Project and for encouraging me in my endeavours.

Last but not the least t I would like to thank my campus Co-ordinator Dr. Jeevananda S. for giving us the opportunity to work in the organisation and gain experience. Words are never sufficient to express gratitude but here my words are just a medium to express what I feel.

Dimple Jethwani
MBA Marketing 2

This Summer Internship Report consists of an analysis of Skincare products specifically Face wash and Fairness cream and the products of Ratan Ayurvedic Company with the name FACIA. I worked as an Intern in Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan which is mainly based in Indore and manufactures Ayurvedic medicines and Skincare products and was involved in carrying out survey with Retailers and consumers to better understand about the face wash and fairness cream market. Also with conducting surveys I learned to develop general sales plans and monthly sales reports, daily DSR’s. The main objective of the Project was to gain knowledge on how to interact, generate sales reports and plans, carrying out surveys. It was a great opportunity for me to carry out the project work in the organization and to gain knowledge of ethics and values attached to an organisation’s culture. This report has considered two products i.e. Face wash and Fairness cream and the purchasing behaviour of Female consumers and the factors which affect their choice for a brand. The report also consist analysis about the brand awareness of Facia face wash and Facia Mirror White Fairness Cream. Also it consists of certain recommendations to the company for improving its marketing efforts.

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