Competitive Advantage of Store Design and Customer Handling in Retail

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Good design creates the vital difference in today 's competitive marketplace. Successful companies use design as a powerful tool in their marketing strategy by making better products and building a strong retail identity. Design creates a better environment at the workplace and projects the organizational image. Good design offers many benefits - a vastly improved quality; a defined statement of identity; an optimizing of resources.

Good design creates products that look good, work well, last long and are affordable. Today 's market leading products, however, have to make the consumer feel good too. They must possess that indefinable quality that only industrial design can offer. The expertise to deliver global quality along with an insight into local requirements helps us design products that are appropriate to their context. The design solutions evolve from genuine collaboration with clients, foregoing pre-determined styles and use the best materials and technologies available.

Each workplace is uniquely designed to create an environment that celebrates the culture of the organization and the nature of its activities. The elements are sturdy to resist wear and flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements.

The identity of a brand requires a consistent ambience at all retail outlets that can swiftly respond to changing needs of retailing. The retail environment is the physical interface between the customer and the brand and is therefore the culmination of the entire effort that has gone in building the brand. Design improves the quality of life by creating objects that stimulate the senses. Such objects offer practical usage with a striking visual language.

With shopping increasingly becoming a trip borne from choice rather than necessity, people will choose to shop in environments that embody their aspiration of a leisure day out. The mix of uses, the level

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