Competitive Advantage of Banks

Topics: Bank, Technology, Money Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: July 9, 2012
What are its implications to the competitive advantage of banks? The bank gains a competitive advantage by having technologies. Today, the main challenge for banks is to be firmly integrated in the global supply chain and profiteer from increasingly global product transaction. Conspicuously, the banking sector has continuously embraced heightening competition, globalization and incessant technological developments, consequently spurring an increase of links and networks within the industry. As the new technology is expensive and changing rapidly, banks need to use new systems to do more than deliver information and basic services, thus they are selling insurance and investment products to get a better return. Interactive videos are the new technology that banks make available to the customer to maintain personal contact while still lowering the expense of delivery service. Hiring a star analyst from another firm and promising to pay a substantial bonus if the new hire increase revenue or cut cost is always one of the implications to the competitive advantage of banks. Also, banks have kept increasing its share of the market partly because it has raised the number of agents in its network. Branding is also of the implications. Banks are able to charge more than some of the competitors because customers are willing to pay a premium for a well-known name with which they feel safe. The digitalization pervasiveness coupled with the internet as a major role player, poises information to be the new medium of exchange in markets and not just money. Bankers’ selection of banks was primarily influenced by rates, fees and prices charged, competition amongst banks has shifted towards service excellence, streamlined services and innovative products. Moreover, competition on fees is intensifying, especially at the top end. The big global investment banks are stepping up their effort to get deposits to fund their investment banking and corporate business.
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