Competitive Advantage

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Is there a Competitive Advantage of using E-Commerce for Hotel and Tourism Industry ??

In 1948 there was an electronic transmission of messages during the Berlin airlift which was happened during the time of cold war which led, industry groups to take a co-operate effort for the first time in the history for common electronic data formats. The formats were only for purchasing, transportation and finance data which were used primarily for inter-industry transactions. Then around late 1970s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards were introduced, which developed well by early 1990s so as the beginning of Electronic Commerce if not commonly known “E-Commerce”

Well, E-Commerce has numerous definitions by different perspectives over 40 years of history. But however it’s a broad term which is used to define the actions of businesses or commercial organizations that occur via telecommunications. >According to the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vladimir Zwass, “Electronic commerce is sharing business information,maintaining business relationships and conducting business transactions by means of telecommunications networks”

>Daniel Minoli and Emma Minoli says “Electronic commerce is the symbiotic integration of communications, datamanagement, and security capabilities to allow business applications withindifferent organizations to automatically exchange information related to the sale of goods and services”

So when it comes to hotel and tourism industry, it clearly is growing. World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimates that over 1.5 billion tourists would take international journeys in the year 2020. So that clearly means the industry needs to mature with it techniques and technologies. It can’t be done manually or the typical way we have used so far. Hotels won’t be able to handle its customers. So with that it makes so much demand for this thing called “E-Commerce”

E-Commerce still doesn’t play a considerable part...

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