Competitive Advantage

Topics: Qantas, Airline, Strategic management Pages: 17 (5957 words) Published: April 30, 2013
HBC 229N Analysis for Competitive Advantage
Group Assignment
Semester 1, 2012

Australian Company:
Qantas Airways Ltd and Billabong International Limited

Group Member:
Erica Wee 418 5641
Deborah Kusiima 743 4006
Sabbir Ahmen 743 3840
Christina Chin Fung Fung 4201434

Executive Summary
This report comprises of specific research on Qantas Airways Ltd. and Billabong International Ltd. (BBG) and their industries. In addition, primary sources such as the company’s official website, journals and databases, books were used to obtain findings about these companies. The categories of knowledge integration from the topics like Business Performance Measurement, Costing System, BSC and SWOT Analysis were discussed and analyzed. Moreover, current issues affecting both the industries have been discussed with a bit of comparison of both the companies. Lastly, a conclusion and sound recommendations are provided to further improve the research conducted.

Table of Content Page
Executive Summary1
1.0 Introduction3
2.1 Qantas Airways Ltd4
2.2 Billabong International Limited6
3.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis9
3.2 Generic Strategy11
3.3 Comparison 12
4.1 Return on Investment13
4.2 Net Profit 16
4.3 SWOT Analysis 17
4.4 Balanced Scorecard 22
4.5 Strengthen competitive advantage (Recommendation)26 5.0 Conclusion27
6.0 References 28

1.0 Introduction
Qantas Airways Ltd. is the second oldest airlines in the industry. Qantas’s main business is the transportation of passengers. They operate in a number of other airlines related businesses. Internationally, Qantas serves 182 destinations in 44 countries around the world. Qantas retains a 65% share of the Australian domestic market and carries 18.7% of all passengers travelling in and out of Australia. Billabong International Ltd. (BBG) established in 1973, produces surf wear and sports apparel and accessories for the surf, skate and snowboard markets. “The Billabong brand is targeted to both active participants in surf and extreme sports and people who desire to be identified with its image. BBG supports the promotion of the Billabong brand through the sponsorship of athletes and events”. (FinAnalysis, 2012)

2.1 Qantas Airways Ltd
Qantas Airways Ltd. is Australia's number one domestic airline and a leader in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1920 in Queensland, registered as “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited” (QANTAS). Currently ranking 8th, it is the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. It has built a strong reputation for safety, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. Qantas main business is the transportation of customers alongside it operates subsidiary businesses like, “Qantas Holidays and Q Catering”. “Qantas employ 35,700 people with 93 per cent of them based within Australia” (Qantas, 2011). Qantas Airline has announced that it will be launching new direct flights from Sydney to Dallas. Dallas is Qantas’s fourth destination in the US, where Boeing 747-400 will be operating in Sydney – Dallas – Brisbane – Sydney route. The new route will be the world's third longest non-stop flight, operating four times a week and the longest (13,800 km) to be operated by a Boeing747. On 16th May, 2011Qantas launched a direct flight from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) (Qantas, 2011). Prior to the departure it ensured that the number of passengers did not exceed 280 to match the payload weight enabled for a non-stop flight from Brisbane. The sit layout is 2-3-2 and the schedules flight time is around 16-17 hours. For entertainment it provides, “touch screen video in each...

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