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Competition Versus Cooperation in Child's Learning Process

By apptosh Dec 27, 2012 349 Words
Competition versus Cooperation in Child’s learning process

For centuries people are encouraged to play competitive games and activities from their childhood up to their adult stage that show their abilities to compete in a healthy level. This can teach the person the skill needed to be a leader and decision maker. However, there are those that argue about the importance of teaching people how to cooperate as a member of a group. This is for the reason that cooperation can promote peace and teamwork in every in individual.

From primary to secondary level in school, children are encouraged to play games that require a degree of competition. This develops the skills of leadership that can help people of today to be an asset of the generations to come. In addition, competitive activities, for example in school, teaches the person how to do some decision making that can be used his in day to day life. For instance, a child that was given a chance to attend school and compete with his classmate in a debate can be a senator of a certain nation in the future with the skills needed to be a decision maker for the people.

On the other hand, the importance of learning cooperation should not be taken for granted. Children are being taught, not just in group games but in some school activities as well, to cooperate with one another. Doing things in this way promotes peace in every individual that will in turn help reduce the chaos in the world that we all live in today. Furthermore, motivating a child to be a group player will reveal the essence of teamwork not just within the family but in the community as a whole. All these in turn can produce civilized citizens of a particular nation.

I firmly believe that cooperation must be a prerequisite in the learning process of a child because of the positive things that a person can benefit from it. Nevertheless, a degree of competition is needed because it helps to mold some of the aspect of the person's life.

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