Competition Is Necessary for Learning

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Respected headmistress, teachers and my dear fellow students The topic of my today’s speech is COMPETITION IS NECESSARY FOR LEARNING and I agree to this… Here are my points for the favor… Competition is what drives us forward. The feeling of competition and winning is attractive to everyone, and the fact is, that when we compete, we are more focused on our work, we achieve more, we excel and,,, top of all,,, we learn more!!! When we get our work ranked against others, we can read or see the best piece of work in class, and learn from it,,, But how do we get ranked… simply through competition!!! Competition is a step towards a healthy and natural learning. We make new friends, discussing different works being ranked. Competition infuses strong emotions and strong emotions can push even the lazy students towards working more in class. Competition is thus a powerful tool for learning Just imagine a life without competition,,, you are sitting alone in a class,,, you and teacher only,,, listening to a lecture alone,,, are you adopting anything??? Are you achieving anything??? Are you learning??? No… the answer is a simple No. Why?? Because you have no one to compete with,,, you are sure you will win,,, you are least bothered about winning,,, because,,, you have no one to compete with!!!

So,,, you will strive only when you have competition,,, you will toil only to surpass others,,, you will learn only when you see others learning!!! And for that my audience,,, competition is necessary for learning
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