Competition between Genders

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Competition Between Genders
By Julia Garness
Battle of the Sexes is a title for numerous tv shows, board games, films, and even a radio talk show. The idea of competition between males and females is very prominent in todays society, and also in the past. Competition of genders has existed since the creation of humankind, and can also be found in other mammals. It can be found in numerous places such as a corporate business setting, in a school building, in the wild, in a families home, and everywhere across the world. Gender competition doesn't just exist in reality television shows and the media. It is a part of everyday living. So why does Gender competition exist? Theories throughout psychology can help students understand the idea of this competition.  

A woman is making a batch of cookies in a white apron. Her husband is at work all day today, and she will make him dinner when he returns home. Her two children are playing on the floor. She watches them everyday and fulfills their needs. This woman is an example of a gender role. Gender roles are defined as an expected behavior for a male or female. They are created by society and the people who inhabit a society. Today’s gender roles are not nearly as constricted as they used to be, but still exist. Women now go to work, but are expected to raise their children. Men can be stay at home fathers, but it is generally frowned upon. Gender roles are part of the core reason that gender competition exists. During the women’s rights movements women desired to step out of their traditional roles, and have a say in their government. Men believed that women did not have the right qualities to be able earn this right. This led to conflict between both genders. Gender roles influenced some males decisions on whether women deserved the right to vote. These roles influence how treat people of the opposite sex despite the fact they may not personify these qualities. Many people also may believe a certain role is...
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