Topics: Confidence, Psychology, The Child Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Competition in Children
When you think of famous athletes, dancers, actors or singers do you truly ever consider how they go to be where they are now? Many of the famous people that we are familiar with in today’s society started doing what they do best at a very early age. Mia Michaels, a professional dancer, started dancing at the age of three. Peyton Manning, a professional football player, started playing football in high school. The concept of competition being instilled in children is not a very complex concept when first approached, but after analyzing it becomes a more controversial and complicated concept to discuss. The morals of competition for children is the most complex approach to the concept of competition. There are many attitudes and characteristics that people get from being competitive which also then becomes something to consider when evaluating whether or not children should become competitive. Although many successful people started out in their industry being competitive at a young age, there are many attitudes, characteristics and responsibilities that come alone with being competitive.
When being competitive there are certain responsibilities that come along with it that are not always something children are capable of. The responsibilities that being competitive brings are the personality traits that you must learn to have to be successful in the competitive world. Whether children are competitive in sports or just everyday activities the must have the right characteristics to be efficient and successful. Some important things that kids need to have instilled in them is self confidence in order to put themselves out there also it is important that they learn to show off what they have to offer to be considered in the competitive world. Without this they will not be taken seriously and won’t always get a fair chance towards what they are working towards. Confidence is also key when you may not be successful in competition. You...
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