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Competition in Human Society
Perhaps, as competition to live in the natural world, competition for a better life also happens in human society. Competition involves all aspects of our lives. People compete everyday in different situations and in various ways such as children compete with friends in games to have fun and grow, students compete each other at school to achieve academic success, and companies compete with other companies to exist. Because of these reasons, I definitely agree that competition is good and it plays a vital part in our society. First, competition helps children more excited to participate in an activity or a game. Although some people may say that competition is not good for children because some children do not do well under pressure, so that they are easily to become frustrated. However, competition is a good way to motivate children, helps them to improve themselves to gradually adapt with the real world. Without competition, children may not have a chance to express their feelings and abilities so they may become bored and not active. Moreover, competition would help children to learn how to work under pressure, which helps them to prepare for their lives in the future. Furthermore, competition in a game is very helpful for children to gain their physical and intellectual development. Second, competition is also good for students who compete with their peers in studying. Some people might argue that competition among students is not good since you can degrade someone or their self-esteem. Nevertheless, competition motivates students to perform better. If a student receives a low grade this time, he or she will study harder to achieve higher grade next time, and if a student receives a good grade, he or she will become excited and will study harder to maintain it. Moreover, students need to prepare for the real world where many brutal competitions exist so that whether they fail this time, they can still benefit from it because...
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