Competing Values

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A Competing Values Approach



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Competing Values Competency Questionnaire
The Competing Values Competency Questionnaire is a tool to help you assess your development as a managerial leader with respect to the four quadrants of the competing values framework.*
This questionnaire consists of 100 questions related to skills that managerial leaders need to meet the challenges of complexity, ambiguity, and paradox that characterize the world today.

For each item, indicate how often you have successfully engaged in the activity. Rate yourself on the following 7 point scale: Never| Very Seldom| Seldom| Occasionally| Frequently| Very Frequently| Almost Always| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7|

It is important to note that this questionnaire is not designed to provide a final evaluation of your ability as a managerial leader. It is designed to provide a “snap-shot” profile, based on your current experience, strengths, and weaknesses. You then can use the profile to create a personal development plan based on your individual needs and interests.

Some items refer to general activities that you may do regularly, such as recognizing people’s feelings. Others items refer to more specific activities and tools that you may not have had any experience with yet, such as coaching people on career issues or preparing a Gantt chart. If you have not had a chance to engage in the activity specified or are unfamiliar with the tool or technique mentioned, you should give that item a rating of 1 – Never.

After you have worked through the exercises in Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 5th ed., we encourage you to retake the questionnaire to see how your profile as a managerial leader has changed as you have gained more knowledge and experience.

* Information on how to interpret your results is provided at the end of the questionnaire.

Competing Values Competency Questionnaire
My rating1 = Never7 = Almost Always| #| How often have you successfully engaged in . . .| | 1| launching important new efforts.|
| 2| inspiring people to be creative.|
| 3| encouraging people to try new things.|
| 4| showing an appetite for hard work.|
| 5| emphasizing the need to compete.|
| 6| seeing that procedures are understood.|
| 7| providing fast responses to emerging issues.|
| 8| keeping projects under control.|
| 9| developing a competitive focus.|
| 10| maintaining an open climate for discussion.|
| 11| emphasizing producing faster outcomes.|
| 12| making it legitimate for people to contribute their opinions.| | 13| making sure that everyone has a plan to help them develop.| | 14| making sure formal guidelines are clear to people.| | 15| employing participative decision making techniques.| | 16| closely managing projects.|

| 17| recognizing people's feelings.|
| 18| getting people to exceed traditional performance patterns.| | 19| communicating my expectation that people need to get the details of their work right.|

My rating1 = Never7 = Almost Always| #| How often have you successfully engaged in . . .| | 20| emphasizing the need for accuracy in work efforts.| | 21| providing tight project management.|

| 22| ensuring that policies are known.|
| 23| initiating bold projects.|
| 24| being aware when people are burning out.|
| 25| emphasizing getting work done more quickly.|
| 26| coaching people on career issues.|
| 27| encouraging...
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