Competency Model for Professional Project Managers

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Competency Model for Professional Project Managers
The Project Management Partners Competency Model was developed from the observable behaviours of successful, professional project managers in a variety of application areas. It provides a consistent, coherent structure for assessing the capabilities of current and prospective project managers. The Competency Model can be used to: • Guide a training needs assessment to help optimize the use of scarce training dollars by identifying gaps between job requirements and incumbent skill levels. • Perform individual competency assessments to evaluate current project managers or to screen prospective project managers. • Conduct an organization-wide competency assessment to ensure that the most skilled project managers are assigned to the most critical projects. The Project Management Partners Competency Model identifies nearly one hundred observable behaviours grouped into thirteen discrete competencies: • Leadership • Customer Relations • Project Planning • Performance Measurement • Communicating • Organisational Effectiveness • Team Building • Staff Development • Perspective • Negotiating • Risk Management • Problem Solving • Decision Making Although all thirteen competencies are useful on most projects most of the time, the relative importance of each may vary. For example: • Risk management may be more important when the core technology is unproven. • Perspective may be more important in a large organization. • Project planning may be more important when stakeholder needs are in conflict.

Leadership means motivating and inspiring people to keep the project moving toward successful completion even in the face of the physical demands of aggressive project schedules and the emotional demands of discouraging developments. Successful project managers: • Have people volunteering for their projects • Establish and communicate their vision for the project • Speak of "our project" rather than "this project" 1

Competency Model for Professional Project Managers

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Exhibit a "can do" response to problems Demonstrate a positive attitude Stay calm under pressure Command the respect of the entire team Accept responsibility for failures

Customer Relations
Customer relations involves managing the interactions between the customer and the rest of the project team. When the customer is external to the performing organization, it also involves managing the interactions between the customer and the performing organization. The result of good customer relations is that both parties are enthusiastic about the relationship. Successful project managers: • Work to understand the customer's point of view • Advocate appropriately for the customer to others • Advocate appropriately for others to the customer • Are accessible, available, and responsive to the customer • Seek customer feedback about project performance • Create mutual interest in repeat business • Show respect for the customer at all times

Project Planning
Project planning means devising and maintaining a workable scheme to accomplish the need that the project was undertaken to address. Successful project managers: • Develop written plans for all significant undertakings • Document and distribute the project plan • Update and revise the project plan as needed • Insist on clear, complete statements of both product and project scope • Know what the project will really cost, how long it will really take • Use available planning tools effectively • Get the team actively involved in the planning effort

Performance Measurement
Performance measurement involves collecting and analysing project information to determine where the project stands and to predict future status and progress. Successful project managers: • Actively monitor project status • Insist on constructive analyses of variance • Use the plan to manage the project • Hold regular status review meetings • Encourage an attitude of "no surprises" •...
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