Competency Goals

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A Safe Environment
In order for children to feel safe away from home they need a safe environment where they can learn and play comfortably. I am always alert and continuously observe the children at all times. Children must never be left unsupervised. In the class, safety precautions such as checking all tables and chairs for damage and sharp edges is done weekly. All electrical outlets that are not being used are covered with safety caps. I guarantee that the children’s work and play areas are free of clutter. When the children are using scissors, pencils or other instruments, I make sure they carry them in an appropriate manner to prevent injury. We have on file written permission from the parent’s to take their child for any emergency medical care if the nurse isn’t on campus. Outdoor play areas are checked daily for harmful objects such as bottles, cans, or other litter items before the children go out to play. In the center, a fire drill is conducted Once a month.

A Healthy Environment
A healthy environment is essential for effective learning. A visual daily health check is done each day upon each child’s arrival. I respond immediately to accidents, health concerns and emergency conditions calmly. The classroom is maintained in a clean and hygienic environment. While working with parents, together we assist the children in building good grooming habits b maintaining consistent routines at school and encourage them to do so at home. Hand washing following toileting, washing hands before meals and brushing teeth is done in the center to encourage healthy needs. Children are able to flourish in an environment that influences their growth and development.

A Learning Environment
Children learn by doing and by imitating each other, their parents and their teachers. I respect and acknowledge each child’s ideas, concern and feelings. We provide a variety of materials in the class from the books we use to the toys with which the children play. Participation is encouraged without any of the children feeling frustrated. An environment is provided where each child has fun during activities that are allowed and encouraged to participate in various activities to appreciate each other’s cultural differences. Each child display their work around the classroom they enjoy seeing their accomplishments. Open communication is provided for each child. I try to make sure the children’s daily schedule is followed, but sometimes we get a little behind. Transition from one activity to another is smooth.



Physcial development is important for healthy development. Physical activities are designed to be fun for the children. Children like a lot of physical movement. In the class we schedule time to use both gross and fine motor skills. We plan physical activities during outside time, such as relay races, jumping rope, hula hoops, throwing a ball and just plain exercising. Play enhances learning both inside and outside. My enthusiasm is shown when I actively play with the children. In the class, we exercise to music, combining music and movement. Parents are encouraged to get involved in physical activities with their children. We plan, develop and coordinate fine and small motor skill activities such as stringing large and small beads, cutting with scissors, turning single pages in books, drawing and putting puzzles together. Sleep is also important for growth. Children need rest during the day. Quiet time with music is played in order to help the child relax.


Children want answers to their questions. Most of their questions start with “Why”. As their teacher, I know that it is important to their questions answered. It is their way of learning. They need to learn how to perceive different things. In the class we use symbols as part of...
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