Competency goal two

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 Competency Goal Two
To advance physical and intellectual competence Physical development is very important for children. In my classroom I provide activities that appropriate for children to help develop in the areas of physical, cognitive, creative and language development. I do believe having activities that appropriate for children in my classroom helps meet the needs of children in physical development. Infants and toddlers grow fast in first two years of life. It is very important to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. In my class I have different textures of materials like soft books, touch and feel books, puzzles, nesting blocks, plastic animals, and rattles to help strengthen their small muscles. And I have Tunnels, big and small balls, balance beam, push toys like lawnmower, grocery Cart, and more. I sing action songs like” If you happy and you it clap your hands” this helps develop their large muscles skills and eye coordination. In my class I have activities that helps toddlers develop cognitive skills. I encourage toddlers to explore, curious and find ways to solve problems. I provide different objects that stimulate curiosity. I have texture cubes, zipper boards, mystery boxes and many more toys that encourage toddlers to explore the particular objects. I encourage them to ask question and participate in learning new things. Preschoolers love to explore and create new things. In my class room I have to make sure that crayons, papers, construction materials, paints, markers, pencils, glitters and some more materials are ready and available for children in our daily activities. I have musical instruments like, xylophones, drums, guitars and CD to play and to sing along with and I have a place where they can arrange their own band. Children loves to play dress up, some pretend to be a Mom and Dad and some pretend to be a fire...
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