Competency Goal Iii

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Competency Goal III
To Support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance I create a personal relationship with each infant keeping in mind the kind of cuddling, stroking, talking, and playing that brings comfort and good feelings to each individual infant. Infants and young children need consistent interaction and provision of basic needs and nurturing in order to develop well and robustly. Children who are deprived of consistent love and affection, from consistent caregivers, may not develop the ability to bond properly, both socially and emotionally. Children who grow up in orphanages or who spend their early years in different foster homes probably will not have the opportunity to bond to a caregiver who will meet their emotional needs. To Support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance in toddlers I explain the reasons for limits and rules in simple words, demonstrating whenever possible. I use strategies like pointing out how rules can benefit them for example: "When you help me by putting your lunch plate on the counter, I finish cleaning up quicker and then we can read an extra story." “When you share toys, it means that everybody gets a chance to play.” I also Talk about rules and limits in language that children can understand. “You may not hit. Hitting hurts. When you are mad, you can jump up and down or stamp your feet or come to me for a hug.” To Support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance I talk with preschoolers about “good touching” and “bad touching” as a way of preventing sexual abuse. The foundations of sexual attitudes are formed early. I help preschool children start to identify how good touch feels as opposed to bad touch. I tell them that hugging and cuddling is good and healthy and will help them feel confident in their own bodies. I also talk about avoiding unhealthy touch (touching their own or others genitals). I tell them that they should talk with their...
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