Competency Goal 3

Topics: Psychology, The Child, Child Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: April 8, 2013
To Support Social and Emotional Development and To Provide Positive Guidance

Providing physical and emotional security for each child and helping each child to know, accept, and take pride in him or herself while developing a sense of independence is my responsibility as a child caregiver. Part of my responsibility is treating each child as an individual and promoting their own strengths and needs as they grow. To encourage growth in each of these areas I use books, pictures, stories, and discussions to help children identify with positive events and experiences in their lives. I help to ensure each of my children feel love, affection, and security through consistent encouragement and positive reinforcement.

The children I serve are the ages of three and four. They need to develop social skills that help them work and play cooperatively and productively with others in the pre-school setting, as well as, real world settings. I make the children feel accepted during group and also encourage them to communicate and work well with their peers. I encourage children to make friends to improve their social skills as well making each child feel valued as a member of the group. Social skills are imperative for the growth of each child.

Providing positive guidance is essential to the growth and development in children. To promote positive guidance I encourage and my students to problem solve. I use positive language such a, “please use your walking feet” instead of, “DON’T RUN”, and “please use your quiet voices” instead of “be quiet!”. I guide my children to the best of my ability.

CG 3.1 – Describe some of the ways you support the development of children’s positive self-concepts and growing social/emotional skills.

Children have a mental picture of themselves. They see themselves as short or tall, a leader or a follower. This picture is called self-concept. Every person can be thought of as having a general self-concept. Even though children...
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