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Prepare a list of 5 competencies for your own position. Explain why you choose these competencies and what do they include behaviorally?

Competencies are the core elements of talent management practices that are the demonstrable and measurable knowledge, skills, behaviours, personal characteristics that is related with the success of the job. Choosing the right competencies allows employers to: •Plan how they will organize and develop their workforce. •Determine which job classes best fit their business needs. •Recruit and select the best employees.

Manage and train employees effectively.
Develop staff to fill future vacancies.
Now,I am not working but I am a math teacher.For my position, competencies are;

Interacting/Communicating with Students: I choose this competency because I must be able to positively interact with all students. This includes difficult students, students who work below grade-level and students whose personalities just grate on a teacher. When classroom interaction occurs, a teacher may not be able to identify all the relevant factors that were used to develop a meaningful dialogue. Teachers must put aside their prejudices and feelings in order to treat all students with respect, provide them with equal opportunities for learning. Behaviorally,

Learn students’ names
Be both a good listener and speaker
Expresses ideas concisely in oral speech.
Maintains eye contact when speaking with students.
We should use a loud voice.
Communicating effectively with parents
Answer questions in front of a class will involve getting their attention and making them comfortable enough to speak up. •Comment on the behavior, not on the person.
Patience: I think, It is most important thing for teachers of subjects in science and mathematics. Because I deal with all sorts of personalities in the classroom. Some students can comprehend any subject material with minimal effort, while others may require more...
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