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compete or cooperate

By huuliy Nov 19, 2014 535 Words


Thursday, Oct 30

The Two Approaches Schools Teach Students
In the modern world, companies need the skilled student, there are two ways

for schools to improve the student’s skills. One way is how to compete with

others, the other way is how to cooperate with others. If students know how to

compete with others, they will advance themselves quickly. However, in my

opinion, I agree teachers should encourage students to cooperate with others,

because it can make friends, get more opportunities and improve their

communication skills.

To start with, there are 3 ideas for cooperating with others to make friends.

The first idea is that they exchange their own opinions when they discuss a

topic. For example, in Linda’s class, she gives students a topic and then we will

discuss this with our own opinions. It makes students share their opinions. The

second idea is that students will learn knowledge with each other. For instance,

when the students talk about their own ideas with others, they will learn each

other and they can also work together to finish their topic. Finally, if students

study together with others, they will find that they have a common with other

students, so it will help them to become great friends.

In addition, there are two methods for students who cooperate with others to get

more opportunities to find a job. To begin with, if students comply with others, they

will do things better than them before. Teachers will pay attention to their works and

then they will give more chances for these students to improve their skills. Another

way is that teachers offer more opportunities for them to show their works. It maybe

benefits students to display their own ideas. For example, if the class open for the

public, people will know these students have great skills. Some companies maybe

focus on their works and employ them.

Finally, these are two steps can improve communication skills of the students who

cooperate with others . The first step, students need to learn how to associate with

others. For example, if students have a group presentation, they should respect others

when they have different opinions. Students need to listen to the other person’s ideas

and then tell themselves opinions to others. Finally, students working together often

are able to show themselves and talk with other students to learn their benefits. For

instance, if the economic assignment is too difficult, students may solve problems

together. During this period, students need to communicate with others, someone

maybe have a problem in dealing with this question, others will help the person to

explain it. It is a good method to show themselves and know the other person’s

benefits.To sum up, if students comply with others, they will have 2 steps like how to

associate with others and how to show themselves and learn others’ benefits to excise

their communication skills.

In conclusion, although someone thinks schools need to encourage students to

know how to compete with others, as far as I am concerned, these are 3 reasons why I

think schools should develop students to cooperate with each other, such as making

friends , getting more opportunities and improving communication skills. 536words.

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