Compensation Package Proposal

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Compensation is a very important aspect of the employee of a company; it seems important a well-defined compensation package is in place. “Compensation involves direct cash payments, indirect payments in the form of employee benefits, and incentives to motivate employees to strive for higher levels of productivity.” (Cascio, 2010, p. 413) It seems a compensation package will be different for each different career type but must always meet the needs of the employees and the organization. A proposal for a total compensation package for the information technology employees of Wal-Mart needs to be written. This proposal will include a description of the job group, a salary table for specific positions, a placement policy, benefits packages, and the way the plan is implemented by the organization. Job Group

Information Technology Employees
Information technology seems to be a field with rapid growth; according to Taylor (2010), careers in the IT world expects to grow 32% by 2018. It appears every company has some kind of computer related work involved to help the company succeed. “A strong background in the technical fundamentals of computer science and programming languages like Java, Microsoft.NET, and C++ are obviously important for success in the field. But a creative brain and an ambition to stay updated on the newest advances in the field -- whether through books or training -- are also key” (Taylor, 2010, para. 4). Information Technology also involves strong communication with others, creativity, the ability to work in a team, and a strong undergraduate background. Although much knowledge is need to succeed in IT, it appears the pay scale and advancement opportunities will pay off. Positions within this area of work include cyber-security, graphic design, technology architects, web page developers, and software engineers. Wal-Mart seems to be in search for technology employees. Technology is use in Wal-Mart to run the global market. Wal-Mart (2012) states that “[The company] is focused on developing new technologies to transform the way customers’ shop…we’re helping to improve operations, back-room systems and Wal-Mart’s world-class logistics network, speeding products to customers across the globe” (para. 1). Wal-Mart’s technology department makes up of 3,500 employees in the United States and 2,000 globally (Wal-Mart, 2012). Wal-Mart (2012) states that a career in the technology department of the company will offer an employee exciting projects, investments in new technology, training, development, and exposure. Wal-Mart seems to offer careers such as Software Quality Engineers, Sr. System Engineers, Software Developers, and Project Managers. Salary Table

This salary table is created for the job group and specific positions offered by Wal- Mart. To determine where an employee would fall within the salary category, the guidelines are list below: Minimum- This is the entry level, this means the person fulfills the minimum job requirements. Level A- The employee has the experience and knowledge to master most of the duties in an independent manner. Usually, employees who fall in the Minimum and Level A stage are in their developmental phase because they are still learning. Level B- This employee is highly experience and his or her level of productivity exceeds the job requirements. Employees whose salary fall in an Level A and B are in the maturity phase because they have mastered the skills. Maximum- The employee is continuous producing results that are above the requirements. Employees in the level B and Maximum are in the leadership phase. They have demonstrated superior leadership skills and strong commitment to the organization.

ProfileSoftware Quality EngineerMinimumLevel ALevel BMaximum
Entry- Level $44,497$49,036$54,023$58,869
Mid- Level$54,498$60,978$68,095$76,144
Senior- Level$70,429$78,825$88,047$96,980

ProfileSystems EngineerMinimumLevel ALevel BMaximum

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