Compensation Of Special Groups

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Ambar Suero
Designing and Managing Compensation Systems

Compensation of special groups: A Sports Sales Plan

Of the above information, what is most important in your design of a sales incentive plan for the three sales staff? How does this information affect your plan design? In order to increase the sales there should be an analysis that will identify how to create a plan that will motivate employees to sale more premium tickets which are more expensive but it will bring an ultimate balance of maximizing profit based on the sales. If all premium seats are sold the bigger the incentive the sales representative will receive. Incentives also give the employee a more personal stake in the company’s mission; if the company excels the employee benefits. The information provided definitely affects the complexity of the plan design, the plan needs to be able to cover all employees’ efforts regardless of what department (sales or marketing) they are working in. In this case the success of one team could potentially benefit the other. If sales team fills the stadium ads team can sale more ads.

Your book talks about unit rate plans, Which of these type of plan would you use for sales of tickets. Which plan might be appropriate for sales of advertising? Why? For this particular scenario the rate plan that seems to fit best will be a group plan, each group would need to adhere to a set standard or measure. All employees must understand how his performance affects the company’s goals and other teams that might not be so closed to their specific task assignment. If the sales team is not performing on selling tickets and the stadium continues to be empty this might cause the advertising team to have a harder time selling ads. On the other hand the advertising teams should have a base line of maximizing efforts based on their experience and customer relations. Ad revenue should bring equal or higher amount than ticket sales....
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