Compensated Dating

Topics: Hong Kong, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Lutheranism Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Compensated dating becomes very normal and popular among teenagers in Hong Kong. Most of girls are willing to attend to make money. Since there is no legal definition of compensated dating in Hong Kong, the majority of people would classify it as a form of prostitution. Although prostitution is illegal in Hong Kong, compensated dating is kind of being excluded. The following 3 reasons give us a more in-depth insight why compensated dating is rapidly growing in Hong Kong.

First, Hong Kong is one of the richest cities in the world and most of teenagers in Hong Kong are very materialistic. Pocket money given by their parents are not enough to support their spending; therefore, Hong Kong girls choose to attend compensated dating which consider to be an excellent and easy way to make money. Taken the Standards' News in 2010 as example, the survey is conducted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, polled 1,110 children in primary Five to Secondary Three. The survey indicated that about 1 percents accept to have sexy or naked taken and intimated or sexual contact in exchange for payment.

Second, Hong Kong girls consider compensated dating as an ordinary part time job instead of one of prostitution. They think compensated dating to be a casual job which is lack of restriction and can be quitted at anytime.

Third, internet is very well-developed in Hong Kong society. Teenagers are easy to access different kind of information in the virtual world. Through this excellent resource, many teenage girls can look for and communicate with their clients easily through different forums such as “Lee Dee Forum” or “HK Discuss Forum”. Compensated dating is spreading to a younger age. Based on Hong Kong News statistics, one in 10 students questioned said they believed schoolgirls were involved in the practices and 6.6 percent said they knew fellow students who had done it.

Through the above reasons, compensated dating includes many advantages for Hong Kong girls; therefore,...
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