Compatison of "Spotty Handed Villainesses" and "Keynote Address at the Beijing World Conference on Women".

Topics: Aung San Suu Kyi, Rhetoric, Feminism Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: July 26, 2013
‘A text of timeless appeal is marked by effective construction of rhetoric to support its main ideas.’ Discuss this statement, making detailed reference to at least two speeches. Great speeches are those which timelessly captivate audiences through their integrity and rhetoric treatment. This is relevant to Margaret Atwood’s speech in 1994, Spotty Handed Villainesses (hereafter referred to as Villainesses), and Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech in 1995, Keynote Address at the Beijing World Conference on Women (hereafter referred to as Keynote). The ability of a speech to resonate with audiences is dependent on their effective constructive of rhetoric to support the orator’s main ideas. In Atwood’s ‘Villainesses’, aims to captivate audiences and arguably has the most textual integrity of all the prescribed speeches. The composer challenges society’s attitudes towards women and urges social reform. Atwood was an illustrious novelist and poet, renown for the complexity of her work. Her speech was delivered during the rise of the third wave of feminism and she ensured to distance herself from this ideology, hence her epideictic speech is not bound by context, emphasised by the polyvocality of the speech. If she had embraced the dogmatic feminism she dissociated with, the speech would be far more context dependent and the textual integrity of the speech would have been lessened. Atwood challenges the representation of women in literature, arguing that lack of evil women in literature is suppressive to women in society, while Suu Kyi argues that the lack of women in politics is suppressive to women. The title of Atwood’s speech alludes to Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, emphasising that women are multidimensional and capable of evil. Atwood attempts to create a middle-ground between the patriarchal and ideological feminist representations of women. The recurring motif of the ‘eternal breakfast’ acts as a symbol of the static state of which she is critiquing. Atwood argues that a...
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