Compassion International

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Compassion International is one of the nation’s largest Christian child sponsorship organizations, working with more than 65 denominations and thousands of indigenous church partners in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Since 1952, Compassion’s revolutionary approach, through one-to-one Christian child sponsorship, has touched the lives of more than 2 million children. Compassion has been recognized for its financial integrity with top ratings and recommendations by several “watchdog” organizations. Compassion International provides support to underprivileged children. It offers food, shelter, education, and health care to children. The company provides child survival programs to educate pregnant mothers about nutrition and family planning; child sponsorship programs to prepare children to support themselves and educate them of physical well-being; and leadership development programs to allow children to attain undergraduate degree and develop skills and abilities. Compassion International was founded in 1952 and is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado with additional offices in Warabrook, Australia; London, Canada; and Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. In kenya, there are more than 500 projects scatered all over the country. These projects have close to 200,000 children who are under the program. LEADERSHIP

1). Dr. Wesley K. Stafford
2). Mr. Edward W. Anderson
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer



The selection process will meet the following standards:
a. Use of written background information on the child (if already born) and assessment of the poverty of the child’s family b. Interview of primary caregiver(s) in order to assess the poverty of the family and their willingness to participate in Christian training and other required activities and to be able to explain to them the child selection process c. A visit to the caregiver’s home


Compassion desires to work with the neediest and most vulnerable children that it can reach with its program. Therefore, it is vital to have a means by which to assess the relative poverty and vulnerability of different children in the community. Reaching the neediest children possible is rooted in a commitment to integrity both in the program and with sponsors.

Compassion is also committed to establishing a long-term relationship with each child selected for the program. Child development is a long-term process. Additionally, the relationship of each child to a sponsor is meant to be long-term in nature.

All registered children are selected based on objective criteria that establish their need and their ability to benefit from the program.

Every compassion project has documented process and criteria for selecting the neediest and most vulnerable children who can benefit from the program. The process should identify children by having selection decisions governed by the following criteria: a. Both non-Christian and Christian families

b. Both boys and girls
c. Low family income and low family assets
d. Chronic illness and/or malnutrition
e. Inability to attend school or progress in school
f. Physically or mentally impaired (if an appropriate program is available for them) g. Orphaned, abandoned or exploited (if an appropriate program is available for them) h. Between the ages of 3 and 9 (No child who has reached his or her 10th birthday can be registered for first-time entry into a project.) i. Good access of the child to the church location — generally this is considered being within an approximately 30-minute walk from the home j. Evidence that the child is likely to be non-transient and stable within the community k....
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