Topics: Suffering, Compassion, Politics of Ghana Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: March 5, 2013
"Passionate about Compassion"
How many people see someone that desperately needs the helping hands of others, then actually acts upon it? It’s much easier to wish that you could help someone in need, then truly take the necessary action to assist. However, in the two articles, “Manchester Couple to Retire to Ghana, Where They’ll Care for Children” by Adam Sawamura, and “Improbable Family Tie: Iraqi Boy, Former GI” by Carrie Antlfinger, the main characters all display the ultimate form of compassion humanly possible. Compassion is defined from the Webster’s New World Dictionary as, “sorrow for the suffering or trouble of another or others, accompanied by an urge to help.” The Boisverts display compassion by spending their retirement helping the less fortunate in Ghana, while Captain Scott Southworth does so by saving a young handicapped boy from his unpleasant future in Baghdad.

Within the article of “Manchester Couple to Retire to Ghana, Where They’ll Care for Children” Dan and Nancy Boisvert demonstrate compassion by choosing to spend their retirement and own savings helping underprivileged children ranging from newborn to fifteen years of age in the Volta region of Ghana. Both Dan and Nancy display a history of compassion. Dan is a former engineer while also being a part time pastor, and Nancy a nurse. Their past indicates that they both enjoy helping and aiding those around them. The Boisverts say that they “will use retirement savings to pay for half of the building costs and the costs of raising the children. They will rely on donations to pay the rest.” This indicates that both Dan and Nancy truly contain an urge to help these children, not only will they be leaving their friends and family behind at home, but also they will be doing this not for profit, but instead out of the free willingness of their own loving desire to help those in dire need.

The Boisverts were motivated to by compassionate by their own personal desire to support...
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