Compartmentalization of E-Governance Practices

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Compartmentalization of E-Governance Practices

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Compartmentalization is a principle that limits the damage and protects other compartments. More compartmentalized methods / services or organizations are the threats for flexibility, creativity and innovation. Successful user friendly and cost effective implementation of Egovernance practices has become the need of the hour. It appears that an e-governance system functions in isolation in its number of practices. In India, state governments are developing e-governance projects and services for the purpose of their state only. It gives birth to the compartmentalization which forbids others to take its use. It is required to come out of this compartmentalization view of E-Governance practices. Keywords: e-governance, digital divide, multiplicity, compartmentalization, compatibility.

E-Governance is the interaction between citizens and government through electronic media. E-Governance makes use of technological tools like internet, public kiosks etc. to complete many government activities. In India the waves of the e-governance starts in 1990. It has undergone many changes and faces many challenges get updated time to time. Successful user friendly and cost effective implementation of E-governance practices has become the need of the hour. E-governance has successfully crossed its childhood and is stepping in the youth stage. During its life cycle it has come across and overcome number of problems like multiplicity, digital divide and compatibility. Almost every state in the country either has a few central government e-governance projects or state e-governance projects on their name. The different countries around the world today have implemented e-Governance in some manner and have their own vision, and objectives for future...
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