Comparitive Study of Customer Service in Banks

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Management Thesis - II Final Report On A Comparative study of customer services in ICICI and SBI.




ICFAI National college, KEELKATTALAI
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This is to certify that the Management Thesis titled “A Comparative study of

customer services in ICICI and SBI” submitted by M.J.VIDHYAA Enroll No: 7NBCT011 during Semester IV of the MBA Program (The Class of 2009) embodies original work done by him/her. Signature of the Faculty Supervisor Name (in Capitals) Designation Campus : MRS.DR.J.GAYATHI

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

07 - 33

1.1 Overview of banking Industry 1.2 Company Profile 1.3 Research objective 1.4 Review of literature 1.5 Key Words Chapter 2: Research Methodology 2.1 Sampling Design 2.2 Pilot Study 2.3 Research Methodology 2.4 Limitations of the Study Chapter 3: Data Analysis and Interpretation Chapter 4: Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion Chapter 5: Appendices

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I am grateful to thank our Campus Head MR.R.Srinivasan for giving me this great opportunity to do my project. I also extent my thanks to.Dr.J.Gayatri, faculty guide who has given me moral support to do my project work. I also extend my thankfulness to my beloved parents and friends for their continuous encouragement at every moment.



I here by declare that the project entitled “A Comparative study of

customer services in ICICI and SBI” has been completed by me. I assure that this project is unique and has not been reproduced or copied from any other soures.


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Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, a government-owned bank that traces its origins back to June 1806 and that is the largest commercial bank in the country. Central banking is the responsibility of the Reserve Bank of India, which in 1935 formally took over these responsibilities from the then Imperial Bank of India, relegating it to commercial banking functions. After India's independence in 1947, the Reserve Bank was nationalized and given broader powers. In 1969 the government nationalized the 14 largest commercial banks; the government nationalized the six next largest in 1980. Currently, India has 88 scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) - 27 public sector banks (that is with the Government of India holding a stake), 29 private banks (these do not have government stake; they may be publicly listed and traded on stock exchanges) and 31 foreign banks. They have a combined network of over 53,000 branches and 17,000 ATMs. According to a report by ICRA Limited, a rating agency, the public sector banks hold over 75 percent of total assets of the banking industry, with the private and foreign banks holding 18.2% and 6.5% respectively.

Early history:
Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The first banks were The General Bank of India, which started in 1786, and the Bank of Hindustan, both of which are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, which originated in the Bank of Calcutta in June 1806, which almost immediately became the Bank of Bengal. This was one of the three presidency banks, the other two being the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras, all three of which were established under charters from the British East India Company. For many years the Presidency banks acted as quasi-central banks, as did their successors. The three banks merged in 1925 to form the Imperial Bank of India, which, upon India's independence, became the State Bank of...
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