Comparitive Religion : Hinduism and Christianity
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Bottom of Form Comparing Christian and Hindu understandings of Salvation
Heather Brooke
Comparing Christian and Hindu understandings of Salvation.
In our evangelism, is it possible to bridge the gulf?
Heather Brooke
Heather Brooke. Currently enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Mission Studies, Tabor College.
Heather Brooke is a wife, mother and teacher who is currently studying at Tabor College, Melbourne working on her Graduate Diploma in Mission Studies. Recent trips to Belarus, Philippines and Fiji have engendered a passion for mission especially with orphans and orphan graduates. To this end, she is studying Russian and longs for the day she can speak with these young people without an interpreter. In any other spare time she enjoys making quilts, reading and walking.
Christians and Hindus have vastly different worldviews. In fact, one is actually born a Hindu rather than becoming one by choice. People are not Christians by virtue of their birth, their family or their nationality. Herein lies some of the difficulty that Hindus have in understanding the Christian view of salvation. What does salvation mean for each, from what is each being saved, and to what are they being saved? How does each group view sin and the after life? It is firstly important to discuss some of the differing viewpoints before one can begin to explain the Christian view of salvation to a Hindu. At first it seems that a huge gulf exists between the two groups. How can a Christian understand the Hindu viewpoint when Christians choose to make a decision to follow Jesus? We need to consider various aspects of the Hindu view of “salvation” as well as the Christian concept of salvation. In addition, the biographies of two former Hindus provide additional insights into these questions.
Hindu view of Salvation
Hindus view salvation differently to

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