Comparisons of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods

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Comparisons of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
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Comparisons of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods
It was the 14th century and Europe was shrouded in creative and intellectual “darkness” as a result of corrupt and oppressive religion. People lived with the burden of twisted theological rules that permeated both business and personal lives. In a small town in Italy, a group of educators and philosophers started re-examining the Classical antiquities of the Roman and Greek times. Their focus migrated from scholasticism of the Middle Ages to the humanities. This enlightenment movement eventually spread throughout Europe and became known as the Renaissance period. (DeWitte, Larmann, & Shields, 2012).

Prior to the Renaissance, the Church had influenced art with emphasis on religious themes. The basic reason for paintings was to be viewed in a religious setting. Art was one dimensional with no shadows and solemn expressions. Statues were non-existent less they be mistaken for idols. But Renaissance art placed emphasize on realism and objectivity. Lighting, lines and form were implemented into paintings. The human body was drawn and sculpted with Roman and Greek influence. Artist attempted to make art that was believable and real. New techniques such as linear perspective, chiaroscuro (use of light and dark) and a wide spectrum of colors were used to project three-dimensional space. Some of the artists associated with the Renaissance era are Raphael, Michelangelo and da Vinci.

The Baroque Era began around the 16th century in Rome. It was a time of exploration, increased trade and further discovery of the sciences. It was also a time of frequent battles throughout Europe as a result of the religious struggle. (DeWitte, Larmann, & Shields, 2012). The Reformation movement had challenged the Catholic Church’s influence on society and religion and the Church was reasserting...
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