Comparisons between New England colonies and Chesapeake colonies

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Even from the beginning, New England and Chesapeake shared few similarities. Though they were settled by the English origin, they eventually developed into two different distinct societies. While the New England colonies chose to emigrate from Great Britain to America and gain religious freedom, the Chesapeake colonies were in it for the money. Why exactly did they grow into two totally different societies? Founding principles, political differences, religion, and societal separations would be the cause for the difference in development between the Chesapeake and the New England colonies.

Both the Chesapeake and the New England colonies had different mentalities when it cameto their reason for emigrating. The colonists, who were the founders of Chesapeake colonies, were on a mission to find some sort of profit producing resources such as gold and other natural resources. The colonists landed in a place called Jamestown was credited with being the first English colony; The Virginia Company financed the company. The puritans, who were the founders of the New England colonies, sought out religious freedom. The puritan Separatists viewed the Church of England as corrupt. They migrated to America in order to follow and practice their religion without fear of persecution. New England’s settlers included: a mixture of Puritans, Catholics, Protestants, and Quakers.

Chesapeake failed to get the abundance of gold they were hoping to get. Instead, they turned to tobacco, which turned out to be a very prosperous cash crop. Their labor force consisted of indentured slaves. They were later replaced by African slaves. The large plantation populated Chesapeake colonies. The location in which the New England colonies were settled did not allow them to have a staple crop that they could depend on 100 percent of the time. The terrain was too rocky and the climate was too harsh. Unlike the Chesapeake, they had individual farms rather than plantations. In the...
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