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Comparison: Zombies vs. Teenagers

By kaelarose Jan 10, 2012 1296 Words
Danger: Zombies and Teenagers are Ahead

Mindless and blood lusting bodies fill our streets. Dragging themselves around without purpose or progressive thoughts. One would think that they should close the doors and lock the windows. However its not just decaying zombies that I speak of, its our teens. The biggest difference is the plain fact that teenagers are alive and zombies are undead. While both teenagers and zombies are completely different looking on the outside, on the inside they are very similar. Both are dangerous when they roam in groups. They have no choice of who they are, but I would like to show you how to understand both of them by comparing them to each other. Even how to destroy them.

Danger is something teenagers are always getting themselves into, and when zombies are around everything else is in danger as well. Danger can be described as being put in harms way or threatening harm to others. A teenager is dangerous to themselves and other teenagers. They are reckless and don't think before they act. Being reckless is a serious issue for teenagers because they think they are invincible. Believing nothing bad will happen to them. However because of this thought process, teenagers are the ones who get harmed, or in trouble more often then any other age group. The reason for this is because the people who watch out for them aren't around at the times when teens are making the important decisions, that hold weather they get good or bad consequences. As a child an adult is all ways there to hold their hand and watch their back. As an older adult after the college years, ones life has calmed down and the realization of mortality sinks in therefore they are more careful about what they do with there bodies and minds. Young adults and teens are new to a world full of wonders, they do much experimenting, to learn the cause and effect of the actions and decisions they make. For example a teenager is about to drive a car with many other teens in the vehicle. One teen turns the radio up and everyone is dancing in there seats, screaming and laughing. The driver is being put in a dangerous situation. With all the distractions, he could do serious damage to the car and everyone in it. Its true that sometimes the driver is fine and nothing bad happens but the situation is still dangerous because of the possibility of a harmful ending. Putting other people in danger is something that zombies do as well. Obviously zombies are dangerous to other people. They attack with no warning. They spread diseases, and don’t even have the thought process to care about who they are hurting. However what is not as obvious is that they are a danger to themselves. A zombie will walk right into danger without realizing they might die. The reason they don't realize this is because their is only one thing on their mind and that is BRAINS! A zombie will walk straight toward a crazy redneck with a shot gun and wont even flinch at a warning shot. A zombie with continue trying to eat a dog even after someone has chopped an arm or leg off of it. When a zombie wants something they will do anything to get it, and this puts themselves in a whole lot of danger. Similar to a zombie a teenager is dangerous to themselves and others, luckily this behavior of recklessness will change and they will mature as they get older. A zombie on the other hand will never be cured and most likely they will not live very long if they keep their recklessness up.

Ever wonder why teens and zombies are never by themselves? Its because they want to protect themselves. Teens like to move in packs and the bigger the pack the better. They go to the movies in a group of three and they meet another group in line for popcorn and they have grown in size. Teens show up at the mall because they know that someone they know will be their. If a teen is somewhere public alone they could be mistaken as a loser, and that would be traumatic for their reputation.Therefore they always have at least four to five buddies with them. Just like teens zombies need to be with other zombies, however its not for the company. Zombies like to go in packs everywhere because if they outnumber people, then they are more likely to be successful at their initiative attack. They are considered much more dangerous when in groups larger then three. If one were to spot a zombie alone they would feel superior and have no problem taking them down. Therefore zombies travel in groups no less then one hundred-sixty-six other brain eating peers.

Weather someone is a teenager or a zombie they really don’t have a choice on becoming what they are. Teenagers become teenagers through the lifecycle. Everyone wishes they could skip the hormonal, emotional, and awkward stage in their life, but they cant. Its part of being human. The reason teens are different then other age groups is the crazy thing that happen to their bodies. Which I wont go into because this is not a, “What is Happening To My Body” pamphlet. Everyone goes through being a teenager, but not everyone will be a zombie. However once someone is bitten they have no choice to becoming a zombie. Its a disease that travels through a violent contact. The only thing one can do to stop it is to not be bit, by fighting back.

If you want to know how to destroy a zombie or even a teenager it is all very similar. Go for the brain. A teenagers mind is what keeps them going in life if you make them feel terrible, then they will be miserable. If one were to embarrass them or destroy their reputation then they will never be able to live it down and until their dying day they will have never forgotten about the day their life was destroyed. Harsh? However so is bashing a zombies scull. It is their mind that would need to take damage to be destroyed. This is also the same way zombies are killed. Destroy the brain. Even though zombies don't use their brains, their body is still dependent on it to be undead. the brain must be smashed or shot or in some way mutilated to make sure the zombie doesn't come back. Disconnecting the body from the head is not enough. The body will still wander around and the head will still try to bite. The mechanics of this biological phenomenon are not completely understood by scientist yet. However the important thing is that if you kill the brain then you kill the zombie. The mind is a powerful organ for zombies and teens, and if you can take it out then you will succeed in destroying teenagers and zombies.

While teenagers and zombies are on different levels of status, they are surprisingly similar to each other in many ways. Being dangerous and stupid are things that are not very positive to their attributes. However they can outnumber any other group. What they must go through is difficult on both of them as well. A teenager goes through body changes and is very sensitive and can be taken down easily through hurtful words. A zombie goes through a disease where they body decays and every one is trying to kill them. It seems like they are on the same boat. I wouldn't want to meet either one in a dark alley.

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