Comparison Review

Topics: Rock music, Marilyn Manson, Book review Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Review and Comparison
Rio Salado College
Kimberly DeLuca

The National Newspapers Core is a database that provides full online access to some of the most widely read newspapers in the U.S. offering a wide variety of articles on top news stories, editorials, book reviews, and commentaries on various subjects. After reading the Los Angeles Times pop music review of Marilyn Manson’s book, “The Long Hard Road out of Hell,” written by Robert Hilburn, I noted the respect the writer had for the rocker. He described Manson by saying, “he is a smart, articulate, fiercely ambitious figure who brings rebellion and imagination back to a rock and roll world that has lost most of its spirit and star quality in recent years” (Hilburn, 6). Hilburn gives inspiring recount of amazing work Manson has created by comparing him to artists such as Alice Cooper, Kiss, and even David Bowie. The detail, in which Hilburn described his review of Manson’s autobiography was expressive, detailed and painted a picture that clearly showed Manson in a much different light than the media’s version of the shock rocker. He recounted the events in the book as, “Manson outlining some of his own supposed excesses so graphically that the volume stands as a rock and roll version of “Dante’s Inferno”(Hilburn, 9) and compared “incidents of nihilism and debauchery not being any different than conduct linked to the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin”. I found this review of the book very interesting and controversial to what the media has provided. I found that the review portrays Manson in a much different light than parents, the church and that of the media. is an online store that sells a variety of items. Part of Amazon’s business ethics is to allow the consumers to rate and review the items they purchased for the next consumer. The author, Bryan Carey sticks to the facts about the book and not a whole lot on opinion. He briefly describes the home life and the issues Manson had while...

Cited: Hilburn, Robert. “Fall Book Review; Long Hard Road out Of Hell.” Los Angeles Times. Web [Los Angeles, Calif] 15 Jan 2001: F1. Retrieved on Feb 2013
Carey, Bryan. “From Canton, Ohio, to Rock and Roll Stardom. The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” April, 30th, 2005 Retrieved on Feb 2013
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