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Topics: Gender, 2002 albums, Woman Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The poems "Pontiac" and "My '48 Pontiac" contained a numerous amount of fascinating parallels between each other. Each Poem involves a man who uses their Pontiac as a source, were they could reflect upon their issues. Alone with their car they could feel free to criticize. Unable to come to terms that some things change, these men find it hard to let go of what is close to them. In "Pontiac" the man decides to remain with his Pontiac, and ponder about the past rather than to face his wife. He is faced with a difficult dilemma on whether to withdraw from her or not. As he states "I might just leave her still after the sun goes down". The man in "My '48 Pontiac" had difficulty letting go of his Pontiac because of the precious moments he shared with his car as he declared "…being sentimental about rubber and metal". Each man respected their Pontiac because it was there only possession that remained familiar to them throughout the process of change. Solitaire with their Pontiac each man clearly expressed their misogyny. The man from "Pontiac" only referred to his wife as the "woman inside my house" and deliberately criticized her by stating "she wont stop talking she never says a thing she just keeps talking". The man from " My '48 Pontiac" Shared similar thoughts when he said "and quivering blondes whose bottoms it liked". Which was very demeaning towards women. The Pontiac symbolized a refuge that could take the men away from the harsh reality of life, that friends are lost and people change. Morning the lose of a friend or unable to make a grave decision these men chose to remain with their Pontiac. The theme that best relates to the poems is during the circumstances of change some people are unable to retire from the familiar. As one-man can't leave his Pontiac because of sentimental value, and the other is unable to decide whether to leave or remain with his wife.
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