comparison paper

Topics: Health care, Health, Nursing Pages: 4 (631 words) Published: October 2, 2014

Comparison Paper
Cynthia Vidaurre
University of Phoenix: NRS 408
Sabrina Johnson Chimienti, RN, CNS, DNP
October 2, 2014
Public Health is the life line of a community. It is more important to believe in prevention by means of education and programs rather than treatment when a health issue has surfaced or gotten out of control. By a partnership being built amongst a Public Health Nurse, neighborhood clinics, Local health departments, larger hospitals and schools a neighborhood can have the opportunity to make the best and healthiest choices possible. Public Health Nursing is the field of nursing that is concerned with the health needs of the community as a whole (Mosby’s dictionary of medicine and Nursing, 2012). Public health nurses may work with families in the home, in schools, at the workplace, in government agencies, and at major health facilities. Many times a Public Health Nurse is the only means of connecting and being aware of the programs in which a family can qualify for and benefit from. Individuals and family can benefit from visits from a PHN by the partnerships that the nurse has been able to gather and build with other community services. With this available bank of information the nurse is able to recommend the best care possible. There a several agencies that have contributed to what Public Health Nursing has become in our current time. The collaboration of these agencies has assisted in establishing public health resources in County, State, and National level. Annual review of nursing practice (ARNR) was first published in 1983. This is a journal which provides summaries of current research on multiple areas of nursing practice. ARNR promotes research by publishing its findings each year (Burns & Grove, 2005). Established in 1989, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research’s (AHCPR) primary goal is to help in the performance of outcomes research (Burns & Grove, 2011). These health care experts from different areas of nursing...

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