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Topics: Free will, Macbeth, Oedipus Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Oedipus Vs Macbeth Paper
Areeba Abbas

The tragic heroes Macbeth and Oedipus are similar because they both have prophecies and both are noble stature. For someone to be a noble stature they have to show even though theyre falling they still show those emotions and fear. Macbeth and Oedipus are different because one has to do with freewill and the other has to do with fate. Free Will gives you the ability to do what you feel is right and go down that one path that will lead you to success of becoming that king. On the other hand, fate is; something that is destined to happen. Macbeth is forced into killing the king and others because of that he feels threatened so he keeps killing because he loves the power that he has. Oedipus on the other hand, his own fate to save his village and his destiny is to marry his mother and subconsciously kill his father. Macbeth and Oedipus are similar they both had prophecy Macbeths prophecy was, for him to be king, also it was what the witches wanted. “Oedipus’ prophecy was also to become the king of thebes. “O horror, horror, horror!” (Act 2, scene 3). Macduff comes in telling them that the king has been murdered. This shows that now macbeth has a chance at being king and now that king is killed, his turn shall be soon. Oedipus’ prophecy was also to become the king of thebes. As said, “Oedipus' cloud of darkness is "inescapable, unspeakable, unstoppable, driven by cruel winds." (Act, scene). Both Macbeth and oedipus share the similarity of becoming a king, but both have it a different way. Also they both have a lot of murders that happen before they're ever able to become king. Yet both have flaws which are similar and those include, being hubris; having pride, determination, and intelligence. Macbeth and oedipus are different because, macbeth's story is more free will and oedipus is fate. Free choice when you have the ability to make your own decisions. On the other hand, fate is, already destined, no ability to...
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