comparison paper

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Comparison Paper
Cynthia Caston
September 30, 2013
Amy Reagan

Comparison Paper

This paper will explore county, state, and national public health resources as compared to community health resources. We will look at the public health time line but, in order to do this properly we need to define public and community health. Community health deals with an individual or sub population and public health has to do with a whole community as you told me and explained in my feedback. Duval county is where I work 99 % of the time, and their vision is “ A local public health system that optimally uses all public health related sciences to inform, enhance and maintain the health of the community”(Florida department of health in Duval County, 2013).’ The institution of public health and informatics research, used to be the institute of health, policy and evaluation research. Was formed September, 2001 and is a part of the Duval County a division of “(Florida department of health in Duval county, 2013). County health departments provide most of the public health services in Florida such as HIV/Aids, immunizations, STD testing, Epidemiology and TB control to name a few. The National public health service is the U.S. Department of health and Human Services is the number one organization that protects the health of Americans. It was founded in 1953 and works with state and local governments. Public Health History Timeline

Surprisingly enough public health can be traced back to 1500 BC in Leviticus which is believed to be the first ever written health code in the world. Hippocrates is the one who founded western medicine (460-380BC) wrote about air and water and being careful with hygiene. At the same time Greeks and Romans were working on these issues as well. In the 1700s people were still trying to perfect sanitary conditions and clean water. The 19th century brought more understanding about health and medicine. (1820-1910) Florence Nightingale...

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