Comparison Paper

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Comparison Paper
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Comparison Paper
The purpose of this paper is describing the history of public health, including pertinent dates and significant events and the different aspects of public and community-based health. Public Health is on a national, state, and county scale dealing in research, data analysis, and recommendation for health promotion. The Center for disease control, the national institutes of health, and census are examples of public health. Community health uses the research done by public health and implements it based on the population’s needs, political direction, or private funding (J. Koot, n.d....). Examples of community-based health care are the local health department at the present time giving H1N1 flu vaccination free of charge to all citizens in Pinellas country. Pharmacies and home health agency collaborate to give the vaccinations and a fair price. These community-based healthcare systems are giving the vaccinations based on research by the CDC and NIH. History of the U.S. Department of Health

The national U.S. Department of Health and Human Services began with hospitals and care for seamen and marines in 1798, the Quarantine Act of 1887 moved power to quarantine people with infectious disease away from the stale level to the national level. The marine hospital system for sailors was renamed the Public Health Service on 1906. Children’s Service created in 1912 and changed to an advocate of children’s interests, child labor laws, for example. Bureau of Indian health service of 1921 created health services for Native Americans on reservations. In 1930 National Hygienic Laboratory, later became the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938, became the food, and drug administration (FDA,) 1946 Communicable Disease Center and afterward converted into the Center for Disease Control (CDC) (n.d.) “The Cabinet-level Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) was created under President Eisenhower, officially coming into existence April 11, 1953.”” HEW became the Department of Health and Human Services, officially arriving on May 4, 1980” quoted from U.S.Department of Health and Human Services ( n.d.). Research information about county, state, and national public health resources

Today U.S.Department of Health and Human Services work to protect the health of the nation and provide essential services to the needy. The agencies of the DHH carry out an extensive array of services, including research, public health, food, and drug safety, grants, and other funding, health insurance, and others ( , n.d.). See Appendix B for a list of the agencies.

The agencies conduct research, educate, and inspect to protect and promote health in the nation’s people’. The agencies make recommendations based on healthy people 2010 (Foundation, 2002). Each of the states and territories has a single recognized official state public health agency that is managed] by a state health commissioner (state of FL, 2009). Florida has a surgeon general in this capacity, “Ana M. Viamonte Ros, M.D., M.P.H. is Florida's first State Surgeon General and the first Cuban American woman to serve as leader of the Department (state of FL, 2009). Governor Crist has mandated the Surgeon General to act as the state's chief advocate for wellness and disease prevention. Dr. Viamonte Ros' oversees the Department of Health--Florida's largest sole clinical enterprise and among the most all-inclusive and multifaceted public health care delivery systems in the Nation (state of FL, 2009).” Approximately 20,000 employees work in all 67 counties at over 300 clinical delivery sites” (state of FL, 2009 pp1)She is dedicated to improving health care by use of more user-friendly systems, promoting healthy habits with Florida's youth, prepare the state for natural and man-made disasters, reducing health disparities, and leading...

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