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Comparison Outline

By nadianathasha94 Jan 17, 2013 284 Words
Thesis statement:Comparing the tradition between Malaysia and Japan according to several aspects; clothing, food and festivals.

Topic sentence 1:Malaysia is a country with multiple races but its race is originally Malay as the Chinese and Indian are those who came from China and India. Supporting details 1:The first aspect is types of attire wear by other races. Detail/Example 1:The traditional clothes are baju kurung and baju kebaya for women and baju melayu for men. Supporting detail 2:The next one is the food eaten by Malaysians. Detail/Example 1:Malaysian prefers spicy food and their staple-food is rice. Supporting detail 3:Another one is the festivals celebrated by Malaysians during festive seasons. Detail/Example 1:The Malays celebrates two Eids in a range of two or three months which are Eid-ul Fitri and Eid-ul Adha.

Topic sentence 2:Unlike Malaysia, Japan only has only one race and the people there are known and called Japanese throughout the world. Supporting details 1:First and foremost is the traditional attire of Japanese. Detail/Example 1:The traditional attire for Japanese is the same for both women and men which are called kimono. Supporting detail 2:Food is also another thing to compare with Malaysian as they don’t prefer spicy food. Detail/Example 1:Japanese are famous with its sushi with salty sauces. Supporting detail 3:In Japan, festivals are celebrated by different genders and according to the current season in their country. Detail/Example 1:The festivals are Doll’s Festival, The Feast of Peach Blossoms and The Children’s Day which is celebrated by both genders but on different dates.

Conclusion:Malaysia and Japan have its own specialties.

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