Comparison of Undead Mythical Creatures

Topics: Culture, Vampire, Death Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Comparison of Mythical Undead Creatures

Throughout history there has always been a belief that individuals can be raised from the dead. Two of the most popular myths are the zombie and vampire. While both are similar in the fact they are considered deceased but alive. They have dramatic differences in several ways. Zombies are believed to exist by several cultures over the centuries under different names. Haitian zombies are the most commonly known, outside of modern culture. Haitian zombies are created by a sorcerer through dark magic or voodoo. This means most zombies are considered magically created for the purpose of the creator. Through modern culture, zombies are rumored to be created through a possible viral outbreak, radiation, or bites from infected zombies. As you can see zombies have several different methods of creation, however, the vampire seems to be created mainly by one method. In order to become a vampire, one must be bitten by another vampire, and not completely drained of blood. This is considered the most widely accepted method. There is a similar method of creation to the previous example. This again involves some one being bitten, however, the vampire must feed its blood to the victim after he or she was bitten. Zombies are quite often grotesque to look at considering they are in a state of decay from the moment of creation. A zombie is often pictured with rotten flesh and muscle. Sometimes they may be missing limbs like arms, legs, fingers, eyes, and so on. It is not uncommon for a zombie to be hewn in half, and still have a functioning upper body. They are often considered lacking any form of intelligence except for the basic need to feed, or an ability to complete mundane tasks. For some reason zombies are considered to have inhuman strength but lack any type of agility. They are considered slow and clumsy. On the other hand Vampires are assumed to retain their former appearance on creation. They do not age nor do they decay like a...
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