Comparison of Two Travel Programs

Topics: Scooter, David Reyne, Getaway Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Travel programs are frequently viewed on our televisions. Many of them can be fairly similar in form, purpose, audience, language and context, but they also have an individual style to make them different from other travel programs. ‘Getaway’ and ‘Pilot Guides’ are two travel programs which have been studied in class.

The context of the two travel programs involves the fact that ‘Pilot Guides’ is a British travel program screened in the United Kingdom, whereas ‘Getaway’ is an Australian travel program screened locally. The episode of ‘Getaway’ features four segments and ‘Catriona Roundtree’ is in two of them herself, her main role is to open in finish the show, because she is the main presenter, co-presenters include Ben Dark who presents the Greek Islands and David Reyne who is the host of Noumea. There is an obvious difference in ‘Pilot Guides’ though considering it only has one presenter the whole way through the program.

The form of the two travel programs includes the way Ian Wright (the presenter in ‘Pilot Guides’) speaks he has a noticeable British tone of voice in compared with the presenters in ‘Getaway’ (Australian program). In the opening of ‘Getaway’ Catriona introduces herself by speaking and also has her name screened as she welcomes the viewers to the program. ‘Pilot Guides’, on the other hand, has a very different introduction considering it starts off with the presenter riding a motor scooter who did not introduce himself or have his name screened, but instead he just got straight on with the program; this was not the only case when a presenter did not introduce themselves because, similarly none of the co-presenters in any of the segments introduced themselves either and many of them just got straight on with the show also riding motor scooters, some of them are even riding motor scooters at the start of their segments. Both travel programs focused on island destinations and there were no internal shots in places like the inside of a...
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