Comparison of Two Religions

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Comparison of Two Religions
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July 20, 2013
Comparison of Two Religions
Daoism was originated in China, and then moved to Japan and Korea around 2000 BCE. Daoists also believe that if the dead were not honored properly their demons would come back and cause mischief; therefore, the priests would perform exorcisms and light firecrackers to ward the demons away. The emperors developed the idea of the “Mandate of Heaven” (Fisher, 2014, p. 201) which simply meant heaven responds to human virtue and that it endows rulers with the authority to rule based on their virtue. Their foundational beliefs are they don’t consider Daoism a religion it’s simply worshiping. It’s a religion of physical discipline and it’s meant to extend your life span.
Buddhism was originated in India by a man who was born as Siddhartha Gautama but later changed his name to Buddha. In Buddhism there is no personal God who prayers can be directed. Buddha taught about earthy suffering and its cure for spiritual gain. Buddhism teaches that liberation from your suffering depends on you. They believe in your efforts to understand how suffering is created for themselves only then can they be free. Buddhists believe in order to seek spiritual truth you must lead a simple and humble life.
Daoism and Buddhism are similar in that they both call for their followers to live a humble life. They both believe in the unity of all things rather than separating them from the universe. Both religions call for action less action or taking no intentional action contrary to the natural flow of things, and for the love of nature, humanity, and others above self. They both say be mindful and let nature take it’s course. They differ in that Daosim do have spirits to worship and they believe in a higher power that they pray to and Buddhist believe more in self sacrifice. Daoism has no singular founder like Buddha, Jesus, or John Smith rather it bears witness

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